Monday, August 13, 2012

Slow It Down

Jeff was so tired of work he just wanted to go home to get ready for his night out. As work ended he got in his car and drove home quickly. As he got close to home, he drove past a park where he saw a bunch of weird looking people who dressed funny. What he didn't notice was the old lady walking  out in the street. He turned backed to look at road when he finally noticed the old lady. He did his best to swerve out of her way, but he ended up hitting her anyway. He got out of his car to see if she was all right, but when he got out there she was still going on as if nothing had happened to her and it looked like she didn't look like she had a scratch on her. Then she glared at Jeff and started mumbling something. Before walking away she said, "You are such a selfish person. Now at precisely 8:00PM, you will become what you most dislike".  Jeff got in to his car and drove off, not knowing what to think.  Jeff then drove home quickly to relax before he had to go out. Jeff got some clothes on. He had on a blue shirt and boxers on He was ready to go at 7:59. As he started to leave the clock struck 8:00 and he stood still while unable to move. His fingers, arms, and legs slimmed while the nails on the fingers grew out
1/4 inch past the end of the fingers and the toenails rounded out, as did the fingernails. his feet
became delicate and dainty. His legs became supple and grew lithe. His legs were also getting longer, even though he was getting shorter and they became smooth. He was previously 5' 11",
but now he was 5' 4". Then his body became curvy when his hips flared out, his waist thinned, and his ass became heart-shaped. Breast quickly grew out to a size 30B. Next came his face. His cheekbones became higher, his nose shrank and got pert, his eyebrows became pencil thin, his lips grew pouty, fuller and plump, and his face became round and feminine, while his jaw narrowed. Suddenly his hair, which was brown, lengthened, grew over the ears, passed his neck, spilled down past his shoulders, and all the way down to the small of his back. 
Jeff  ran towards his phone to call for help. Then grabbed his phone to try to use it. as he held it he noticed he was breathing heavily and fast. For every breath of air he took his belly grew. His belly was huge, as it slow started growing bigger and bigger. He got the idea to hold his breath. he did that and his belly stopped growing. He then heard the old lady's voice. "Lets see how big this mother to be will get. For every 5 breaths you take you will add another baby to your womb. Good Luck........."

Grocery shopping

Brad was just a guy who disliked working. He did everything to get out of it. one day his girlfriend told him to go get groceries and he wondered what he could do to get out of it. "Hey babe I'm so stuffed I can't move" Brad said as he patted his six pack. His girlfriend sneered at him and said "Not as much as your gonna be, Now get the groceries!" As brad put on his grey striped sweater he walked out for the groceries. His girlfriend had put a curse on his sweater so every step he took he became more feminine. By the time he was at the grocery store he was a smoking hot girl. there was an adverse side effect of the curse though. The wearer would get more progressively pregnant for how long they have done nothing in terms of work. Brad had been his lazy self for a year and a half now. His belly slowly surged forth a foot from his body and as his walk turned to a waddle. When he reached the the cashier Brad, Now Brenda said "Where are your pickles my roommate and I are hankering for some...Well mostly me"

Bra And Panties

Cameron looked down at her distended belly and pondered how did she get herself like this. A day ago she was just an average sixteen boy with no intentions of being a girl. Cameron, on his way home, ran into a big black garbage bag. It was strange seeing a bag in the middle of the road. He went up closer to investigate and as he opened the bag he saw a frilly pink bra and panties to match. The moment his hands touched them they jumped at him sticking themselves to him. His clothes disappeared and he was wearing the bra and panties. His face became more feminine as his hair turned blonde and grew longer. He grew a small ample chest. His body became more slender and petite. Finally as his back arched his belly surged forward with Baby. With that done he passed out. As he woke up he found himself in a blank white house. All he, now she can remember is the name Cameron.

New blog START!

Hello i am a TG Caption writer and ive been looking on the internet and thought there is not enough pregnant tg captions so thats how this got started so enjoy this.